Condo Room Features:

Pamper your precious pets!

- Spacious 4ft x 4ft two story condo with privacy areas.
- Floor-to-ceiling height with multi-level sleeping perches and comfortable bedding.

- Accomodates one or two guests.
- Two private curtained sleeping areas.
- Seperation space between sleeping area and litter.
- Outside window*
- Motion sensitive internet camera*
- Daily exercise, individual attention, playtime.
- Organic biodegradable litter.
- Purified natural well water.
- Guests are monitored day and night.
- Electronic security alarm for entry & fire.
- Efficient active solar heat system.
- Antibacterial easy to clean facility design.
- Open play and exercise area.
- Special services available.
- Walls, not cages. Guests have privacy and safety.
- Relaxing classical or soft jazz background music.
- Quiet, dog-free location in the countryside.

* available on select condos.


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